Guitar, vocals, 100% live loops

KMET had an early introduction into music. After playing the flute and clarinette he soon made contact with the six strings that changed his life. He had happily found his mission.

Today KMET works as a composer, performer and singer out of his studio in Vienna, Austria. His open approach to all styles of music, unique voice and new ways of combining songs with live recorded loops has brought him to different festivals, countries and initiated many collaborations.

KMET combines a highly developed technique and restraint in his composing, guitar playing and singing and combines this with the explosive power of improvisation.

He released his first solo record in 2007, followed by the second in 2011. Inbetween he wrote music for various theater and film productions and released two albums with lokai on Thrill Jockey and another one with superlooper.

He collaborated and toured with the likes of Peter Herbert, Wolfgang Mitterer, Martin Brandlmayr, Fatima Spar & the freedom fries and many others.

Currently KMET is working on his new album which will have „ a lighter colour“ as he states.

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