This was my first encounter with the „Wiener Wortstätten”. It is a very ambitious melting pot of different upcoming theater authors. It has a focus on writers from eastern Europe who live in Vienna. Their festival „Wortstattnächte“ consisted of 5 different events. I took part and created live music to „Autor/Innen/Dramen“, „Die Wortstattnacht“ and „Scratch Night“.

10 monologues on about creating dramatic texts and the possible effects on the psyche of the author

Die Wortstattnacht
Three scenic readings, very different in form and content.The texts were created in the season 2015/16. Three different directors worked with the actors and myself, and created stage setting ranging from classic “scenic reading” the actor sitting at one big table to staged theater settings.


Scratch night
5 readings each 20 minutes long with 5 authors of the Wiener Wortstätten writers room. They introduced themselves for the first time to the viennese audience. This was a very special personal night, with interaction between authors and visitors. Sometimes the listeners joined in with reading different parts of the texts.

It was a splendid and very interesting experience. Hearing so many different texts, and meeting writers with very colorful backgrounds was very inspiring.

You can read up on the whole Programm and their ideas when following this link (german) Wortstätten programm

stage by Renato Uz
directing by Ingried Lang, Hans Escher, Bernhard Studlar and Frederic Lion

Fotos by Joachim Kern

KMET + Max Mayer

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