Food not Bombs (2012)

lokai was contacted by Maksim Sarychau, to be able to use ‚Äětik‚Äú by lokai for his award winning documentary movie ‚Äěfood not bombs‚Äú;

This is what he writes on his youtube site:
Vitaly is “Food Not Bombs” social movement activist from Belarus. He is vegetarian with strong civic attitude. He participates in hardcore undeground music band. Since 2007 every Saturday morning Vitaly with few friends cook food on their own to serve it to poor minskers.‚Ä®‚Ä®Such kind of activism is also the way to show enormous number of people in need, number of people with lack of such basics as hot meals. So volunteers are trying to attract society’s attention to poverty and homelessness. Probably that’s why FNB activists often become target to local authorities pressure.‚Ä®‚Ä®It is not just a charity. This act of non-violent direct action is their personal attempt to build better society to live in‚ÄĒfull of equality, solidarity and non-commercial affairs.