Freigesprochen (2007)

Just after releasing my first solo Album ‚Äěelectric songs‚Äú I was asked to contribute ‚Äěorder rain‚Äú as a theme song to Peter Payers ‚ÄěFreigesprochen‚Äú feature film.
Happily did.

Distracted by the young flirtatious Anna, the diligent stationmaster Hudetz makes a fatal mistake. The result is a horrific train accident. Their common guilt drives Hudetz and Anna into each others arms and irreversibly changes and ends further lives.

Director: Peter Payer
Cast: Alfred Dorfer, Frank Giering, Corinna Harfouch, Robert Stadlober
Production: Lotus-Film‚Ä®based on “Der j√ľngste Tag” by √Ėdon von Horvath
KMET: Order rain (theme song) taken from “electric songs