I was invited to do a solo performance/concert at the opening of the Tanzquartier Season 2014/15. The whole evening evolved around the book “The hare with the amber eyes” by Edmund de Waal and was produced as a city parcour with five performances in different places.

When I started my research in June and July 2014, I read mostly stuff that was published exactly 100 years ago, just before and while world war one started. I was confronted with writers who where pro war and also some writers and activists who where against it. The first idea was to confront pro and anti war writers with each other, looping and swapping them. Thomas Mann versus Karl Kraus.

In the middle of doing and reading and developing the composition, I received emails from friends who lived in a country that was at war at the time. After reading them it became clear that taking these messages of my friends, after making them anonymous, would be much more direct, current and referential than taking small excerpts from those famous writers from 1914.

My performance took place at the Theseustempel Vienna. Tanzquartier writes about the “Stadt Parcour” and 86/60 did the wonderful photo.
Thanks to Gerald Zahn ! He placed two cameras, and filmed live with a third one. Together we decided to leave the filmfootage untouched – so you see the original live files here.




All Images by 86/60