INVIDIA Der böse Blick (2017)

„Invidia der böse Blick“ was a long planned dance theater by Grischka Voss. It was my first collaboration with her and Kristina Bangert as Co-directors. Grischka Voss researched about different aspects of envy for over four years. This was all packed into an evening that worked like a silent movie –  without any spoken words !

Many short scenes and dances divided by five songs. The beginning of the rehearsal time was uncommonly open.  As a composer I had all possibilities and directions to explore. And for me it had been a long thought of wish to step more into a „singers only“ position in a song. Turns out, that for the first time I was able to „play“,  taking on the role of mean and arrogant Dr. Envy Jack. I was directed in a very respectful and adventurous way by Christina Bangert and Grischka Voss, to really take my role in.


The whole Team was throwing themselves in completely, and so step by step the layers of the onion where peeled of.

conzept: Grischka Voss

director: Grischka Voss, Kristina Bangert

music: > KMET

dance and choreography: Peter Beil

play: Rosa Braber, Grischka Voss

stage: Nora Scheidl

costume und Objekte: Stéphanie Troehler, Grischka Voss

assistence, technic: Jennifer Skriwan

There was a nice media echo to this production: ORF ZIB



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And Laurent Ziegler made wonderful photos, take a look at a few: