Electric Songs (2007)




The release of my first solo album really was very special for me. It somehow combined all I had ever done in music before. The wild years as a rock guitarist in New York from age 18-21. The classical guitar studies with a focus on new music at Vienna Music University. At the same time working and improvising with very abstract music. Gerald Zahn made a photo that transported the whole idea in an instant and also made the cover for the CD.

Susanna Niedermayr from Ö1 radio broadcast did a „Zeitton“ Portrait about „electric songs“ when the record came out.
There is also an article online from Ö1.

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Press Reviews

Club Transmediale


with a mixture of guitar sounds, samples and voice, KMET is an electronic singer-songwriter at its best.

Sebastian Fasthuber


... these 14 songs, grounded solidly in rock, folk and blues, have a truly original and unique sound. 
 Demonstrating the hand of a skilled artisan, the music is charged with energy and full of atmosphere.

Stephan Sperlich

skug 04/07

Florian Kmet’s solo release is an almost perfect symbiosis of songwriting and sound wizardry. 
 brilliant technique, both on the guitar and with body-percussion loops (which are part of his virtuoso live performances); aesthetically appealing and multifaceted, with attention to detail, it is a very compact yet never pretentious album. 
 And with ‘Stalker’, he’s almost got a real hit. What more do you want? 

Gerhard Stöger

Falter 03/07

The multifaceted guitar playing and the fun that shines through all the perfection are the common thread throughout the songs, which sometimes have very bizarre lyrics but are always elaborated down to the last detail.

Kleine Zeitung

His technical perfection allows him to explore completely new sound worlds 

T. Pötzelsberger

Salzburger Nachrichten

Most impressive and leading the way on Saturday was the shy guitar virtuoso Florian Kmet from Innsbruck. He went out on stage just with his instrument, but immediately filled the space with magic. Some Delta blues, then Russian polka, then soft, delicate ballads, always played in modern style: one great moment after the other.