SILENCE (2018)

Silence is the first single of my upcoming album Smiling Eye(release date: march 2nd 2018 with a live how at Radiokulturhaus). Somehow it has always been here and important for the growth of the album. Its simplicity, the topic of silence itself, the very reduced ingredients.

My friends from 86/60 loved it also, and it stayed in heir heads so much, they wanted to do a video to it. I was totally in for it ofcourse !

So the ideas developed, a plan was made, the search for a room began, and also the search for a transparent fabric that fit our needs. The little revolving stage and lots of light, camera equipment, a special produced background, and a shooting plan.

The day of the shooting was a warm summery, and after a day of setting up the room we began with the most difficult shot – do film the falling of the “curtain”. After that, everything else seemed easy.

You can get the track on koncords band camp site

….The splendid team of gifted artists is:
Nino Pfaffenbichler (camera)
Michael Holzer (director und editor)
8660 (produktion, grafics & images)
The song itself was mastered and mixed by Oliver Brunbauer at Feedback Studio 2

Titi LaFlora did a supervise support job in feeding us like the kings and Kristina Bangert supported me in guiding me through my acting.