Snail Traffic (2012)

I was invited to the artist in residency program in Schrattenberg. After a few days of experimenting with different scenes, I focused on snails. They live there in vast quantities. Finally I put them on a mirror, which gave beautiful reflections of the sky and moving clouds – and shot one picture after the other. For hours and days. Thousands of snail pictures. The snails seemed to like it, especially meeting so many of their own kind. Then I composed and recorded a soundtrack to it.

The photo material is mostly unedited, some pictures are in reversed order, but no post editing of the pictures itself was done.

It was hosted by Christina Chra Nemetz on Popplastka on September 13th 2011.
You can still see the broadcast here.


Music, Photos, Idea, Realization: KMET
Premiere: Schrattenberg, August 2011