Die Touristen kommen / The tourists arrive (2012)

Gerald Zahn asked me to write filmmusic for his short movie “the tourists arrive”. He¬īs also the one who made the coverphotos and art work for “electric songs” and my other solo CD “shoot me”. We did some of it, sitting next to each other in my studio, recording it live, which was lots of fun.¬† The film was invited to the short film corner of famous Cannes Filmfestival in 2012 ! And bang‚Ķ.the film travelled around the world to different festivals and screenings.

Director & Photography: Gerald Zahn
Narrator: Nikolaus Schauerhuber
Subtitles: Nika Kupyrova
Photography: Anita Land & Gerald Zahn
Sounds and image editing: Gerald Zahn
Music: KMET (excerpt from “land of gold”, Konkord 055)
Website: www.die-touristen-kommen.tk

Duration: 06:41


The teaser to ‚Äěthe tourists arrive‚Äú presents all the different characters of the movie.