TIGER (2018)

33 cameras for TIGER

The journey to making this video was intense and incredible.

The idea

86/60 had the splendid idea to produce a life Video for this song. So we started to look for a location. Then the idea of playing a small living room concert morphed into: every single guest will be a camerawoman and cameraman.

The setup

The whole idea was planned out, we started asking film and music aficionados to join in. The a whole classroom was rearranged, the chalkboard was designed by Oliver Schöndorfer, professional lighting installed and placed by Nino Pfaffenbichler, and the whole setting set up by Michael Holzer.

The Team

Then the 30 people of the team where given a few hints of how to start filming and how to end. Everything else was up to them.

I played three takes of tiger that where filmed. Masses of Data was transferred to local computers and afterwards the buffet was transferred into the stomaches of the film crew.

Playing this song live for this wonderful camera team of 33 music and film aficionados was superb. MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, best team ever!

Please enjoy this Video, forward it to a friends and come out to see me play live in a town nearby.


Musik & lyrics: KMET

Camera: Hannes Anderle, Jasmin Andert, Johannes Baumann, Wolfgang Breyscha, Albin Br√ľckner, Verena Br√ľckner, Gernot Deutschmann, Thomas Emminger, Ulrike Emminger, Hannes Heller, Simone Hoffmann, Michael Holzer, Nils J√ľrgens, Moritz Kobrna, Rainer Kuel, Franziska Liehl, Nicole Lutmannsberger, Andrea L√ľth, Veronika Mucha, Thomas Neumayer, Gabriele Oepen, Peter Panik, Nino Pfaffenbichler, Anna Pordes, Sheila Poor, Babl Rakete, Johannes Rath, Herbert Reitschuler, Oliver Sch√∂ndorfer, Yasmin Sch√∂ndorfer, Gerhard Veismann, Gerald Zahn, Lily Zrost

Sound Engeneering & Mix: Florian Bogner
Nino Pfaffenbichler
: EOC Equipment Cafe, Petra Mayer
Organisation & Set up
: Oliver Schöndorfer
Technical support
: Moritz Kobrna
Sch√ľlerinnen Schule / WUK
Directed & edited: Michael Holzer
Production: 86/60