„volver“ (2011) by lokai

Special radio broadcast „riding the turtle“

lokai was invited by “Kunstradio” to do a special 45 Minute long programm.

The piece should be played live in front of an audience, and also be broadcasted live through the web as part of the EBU series. We developed a very special Version of our program „transition“(Thrill Jockey records), which deals and incorperates writings by Charles Darwin. In one of them he describes the joy of riding a huge turtle on a beach. This picture really inspired us, and we imagined the most wild rides….and so the title for this was clear. Performance specialist and speaker Anat Stainberg was a great joy to work with and a wonderful performer.

Voice, performance: Anat Stainberg
Synths: Stefan Németh
Guitars: KMET
Video: Klaus Taschler