18 new strings

I wanted to share with you a beautiful new but really old instrument I had the luck to meet with and engange in a permanent relationship for now. A 120 year old viennese Kontraguitar. It is a very rare one with 12 chromatic basses. That´s very unusual and I have to see if it is possible to make it work in real life – since 12 basses are really a lot to get organized with. Mr. Witzmann restored the few fine cracks it had beautifully, and his wife restrung the whole thing ! I am waiting for a custom made bag, so I can take it with me to rehearsals and concerts. Jorge Sanchez-Chiong who I worked with on the “Opera of Entropy” already showed his interest to make a new piece of music together, and I am exited to start. So stay tuned :-) !IMG_1403