“God is a band” and “Die Scham” new website projects online

I am happy that my latest projects “God is a band” and “Die Scham” are online on my website now! Dammes made a wonderful trailer about the show, with really cool Music and picture morphings. We will do 5 live dates at the end of march in vienna again! check out the live dates here
Als “Die Scham” has been sold out on all its dates, and continues to be shown at the Volkstheater Wien, tickes and infos here

live photos by G√ľnther Macho


I am spending lots of time with the delightful “wolf collective”. We moved from Raum 35 into the Dschungel Studio today, set up our mountain, the PA and started to rehearse. It will be a real blast to perform this as it consist of lots and lots of music, dancing, crazy moves, funny soaps and more. We have fantastic costumes and a brilliant stage that Devi Saha designed and sewn. Rosa and Donna created a fantastic reconstruction of live, and we are soon gonna be ready for you.

You can book your tickets right here:dschungel tickets

I want to say thanks to the “Land Tirol” , MA7 Kultur Wien and BKA who supported the composition for this!

Die Scham at Volkstheater Wien

I am happy to announce the premiere of “Die Scham” at the Wiener Volkstheater. Another fruitful cooperation with Ed.Hauswirth. I have been inventing subtle and not so subtle musical parts for this ans its a pleasure to present this at the Dunkelkammer, a special small theater within the Volkstheater. Due to Annie Ernaux Literaturnovbelprice there is also a run on tickets – so be sure to save yours in advance. ¬†here is the link with more infos, reviews, the cast and a short trailer. ¬†link Die Scham¬†¬† there is also a trailer


We are invited by our most loved Radiostation √Ė1 again to do an “Autorenproduktion” for them. we continued out search after “Die Eroberung der Stadt” and came to a stop inside a big european museum.

The superb Sarah Zaharanski joined us and lend us her wide imagination and eyeopening voice for this piece. Many thanks !!

please visit my “aufsicht” subsite and check out a little video I did for it.

Da war ich nicht mehr da

I feel very lucky and honored to have been invited to write music for “Da war ich nicht mehr da” a very personal, special, historically important new piece by Leni Pl√∂chl. Even though we have known each other for a very short time, it felt close and good. The premiere is over already, but Werk X announced that they want to do more showings in the upcoming fall and winter. So please stay tuned and look out for more dates at the werk x Petersplatz. here is the link to my subpage of

4 new compositons

I am happy to announce the launch of four new compositions that I have been working on the last few month. The will be part of my upcoming fourth album. The working title for now is KMET “boundaries”. The four titles are:¬†1. Autonomie ¬†¬†2. Zerrlegungsbeauty ¬†¬†3. Ausgemacht ¬†¬†4. freeflaoting in my house ¬† As in the past there is no specific style it can be tagged to, but they are all experimental pieces, working with different preparations of my instruments, with words, singing, different rhythms. Its been a real thrill to work on them. ¬†I am great full that this work was supported by the MA7 – Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, especially in times of lockdowns and restrictions, that make it very difficult to work normally. Many thanks!

Radioplay of the month July

2021 is the year of new challenges. Its an honor to be in this jury for the “Deutsche Akademie der darstellenden K√ľnste” ¬†and select ¬†the radio play of the month every four weeks. A wild ¬†and challenging and fun journey to listen to many radisplays each month. ¬† So this month its “Dankbarkeiten” after a book by¬†Delphine de Vigan. ¬†You can listen to it here¬† and read bit about it on the SWR website

Die Eroberung der Stadt – √Ė1 Radio Play premiere

Very happy that our first original radio play is out there now! Take a listen to the full Radio play for another week now! stream of our play

The mighty Deutschlandfunk and Ruth Rousselange did a fabulous in depth portrait of it: 

Many thanks to the wonderful team – √Ė1, Elisabeth Zimmermann -production, Philip Scheiner -dramaturgy and the Kollektiv Weiter! Alexandra P√Ęzgu (words) and Roman Blumenschein(actor). It¬īs been a wonderful journey, many thanks! More to come…

Der Blick – new short Film

I am very exited to finish a covid 19 project. Its the third video, or more a short film I did now. It was a centered around lower Austria. With a covid 19 funding I realized an Idea about making a musical “swab” of it, filming, doing field recordings( w. Ernst Reitermaiers support!) and producing music around and with the different scenes. My wish was to get answers about the lockdown, anticipations, how things went, to learn and listen and see.
I am exited that there will be a premiere with a live audience ! I will play a solo show at the Sonnenparkfest in St.Pölten on Saturday September 5th Рand they also do a film screening, and I could sneak my film in there! many thanks about that flexibility! So I will post a link here on Sunday, after the premiere with the movie to stream for all those who could not make it on Saturday!
meanwhile let me post a few stills from the movie:

tunnel at the start in Tulln
how a train looks from down under

KMET in Spielr√§ume √Ė1

I am happy to be part of a Spielr√§ume broadcast in √Ė1. Michael Neuhauser curated this with pieces that gained light and depth in the corona crisis. I could finish two new pieces for this.