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I am happy to continue working on my new Solo album. New & fresh songs are arriving during summertime. The topics are still meandering around the topic of consumptions, capitalism, love and fear :-)

Also I am very happy to say that I met up twice with fabulous Marie Thérése Escribano.
She came up to me after a show of “drei sekunden”. We are talking about a Duo Programme called “verbotene Lieder”, that might debut at theater Drachengasse in 2016 !

Meanwhile I am trying not to forget the wonderful sound of the waves and the sea.


Start for riot dancer

On Monday we had our first rehearsal for the new Theaterpiece with the Aktionstheater-ensemble. I am very happy to announce the two fabulous musicians who are on board. Bernhard Breuer on drums and Jakob Schneidewind on bass. In the ensemble Hubert Wild is part of the acting crew; He also works as a countertenor and bariton. I am looking forward to work with him a lot. Spinning many ideas already. The first talks about the piece were quite promising! it´s going to be a very intense piece of work, dealing with different facettes of the apocalypse. Stay tuned, and if you have a chance, reserve tickets at Bregenzer Frühling fast !   We will play RIOT DANCER in vienna in fall or winter 2015.


Tiger at Fine Art Gallery

“Tiger” is a new song that´s gonna be part of my new upcoming KMET album. This was a life show at the Fine Art Gallery. I play in front of pictures that where part of the “young photographers” exhibition. The audience was great and I had lots of fun playing for them.

Thanks Maximilian Röhrle for filming.

Riot Dancer

Very exited – I am gonna be part of the new piece of the Aktionstheaterensemble. The piece is calles Riot Dancer, and it will have it´s premiere on may 8th! Also part of the great festival “Bregezer Frühling” it will take place at the Bregenzer Festspielhaus. It´s going to be a bif team of actors, and three to four muisicians. I am very exited to write the music for it.

Guter Weltuntergang at Brut

The “GUTER WELTUNTERGANG” performance went really well. I enjoyed playing it a lot. Hopefully I can do this again in a different setting in the near futre – stay tuned! Michael Holzer of 8660 was there too – with his camera. And so I have a great new live picture, that now also serves well as a new picture on youtube, twitter and alike. Here it is.


Copyright 86/60


New KMET solo album is in work

I am currently working on a new full lenght KMET solo album. Its was clear this one would be defined by the lyrics. This time around I want them to be “lighter”, more concrete, closer connected to my current life. Although this does not mean it is not gonna be all autobiographical, no worries.

I also decided I want to use less instruments. Create more sounds and textures out of less.
So far I have only used one steelstring guitar, voices, and some beatboxing and prepared guitars. But it´s all kind of close. No snare drum or bass guitars or fender rhodes were used so far.

As of now there are songs and instrumentals called:

  • aimlessness
  • Tiger
  • Do I own my things
  • Smiling eye
  • Travelin brain
  • Puppets song
  • I need sugar.

So I need a few more, and then they need to be instrumented and arranged. But its going good, and I think I can finish it pretty soon.

P.S.: My desktop is totally empty, and I have a new screensaver, which I drew, when I was three :-)

Bird flying with flower

Composers Grant for 2015

Hi there,

this is my very first post on my brandnew, cozy, clear website, made with the truly artistic forces of 8660!

So the very first post – a happy musician writing here! Since I receive almost no advertising through the postal service, it´s mostly bills I get in my mailbox at home. So I was really thrilled when I opened a letter on Dezember 28th, and saw that I will receive a composers working grant in 2015 from the BM:UKK. It´s for ongoing and upcoming theater and filmmusic.

So I am sailing into the new year with strong winds….

sailing into 2015