Kollektiv Weiter live at “Entgegnungen”

We are thrilled to finally perform as “Kollektiv Weiter” with our piece “Entgegnungen” for the “Wiener Wortstätten”, This was planed to take place for their 15th birthday in December – but was cancelled.

So this will be a very special event – its kind of a live radio broadcast in public. There will be a PA and amplification, but due to corona  safety things, its not allowed as  normal concert/reading – there will be a simultanious live stream via “Radio Orange” – so you can see the live show, and listen to hopefully full sound live with your phone. Radio Orange ist here:https://www.radio-osterreich.at/orange-940-fm

Since its a live Radio show, everything must be timed carefully – so if you want to see us play – be there at 18:30

Its a prolonged, altered live version !  You can take a listen to the original piece here: Wesentliche Aspekte by Kollektiv Weiter

Infos by the Brunnenpassage about the afternoon: Entgegnungen