New site “Silent films with live music”

Unschuld/die kleine VeronikaI am I am very happy to announce the launch of my project „Silent Films with live music“ on my homepage. I have been enjoying playing to silent movies for over ten years now. I always play 100% live, with my live loops, prepared guitars, voice and different simple effects I use. Only at the performance of „Woman in the moon“ – because of its duration 2 hours an 50 minutes – I used some playback tracks that I could fade in and out if wanted.  These events took play in the Czech Republic in a summer school of film festival in Uherske Radice, Viennale Filmfestival in Vienna, the Theatermuseum, Metro Kino and other fine places. I mostly do these films as a soloist but also teamed up with Martin Brandlmayr on drums for „Die Puppe“ by Ernst Lubitsch.
Again and again I am stunned how beautiful and with how much care some of those great silent films are done. Especially the handcolourated versions look amazing if projected with the right machines. The colours glow in a totally magic and unseen way.

Also new in the Work section under „Theater“ is „Out there is a Field“ w. Barbara Kraus, and the „Opera of Entropy“. This project might be seen again in a different kind of performance at the Donaufestival or Wien Modern. Please stay tuned for more.