Abnormal (2012)

In 2010 lokai was contacted by israeli film maker Noga Briens. She was about to make a quite unusual film.  We happily contributed our track, and after talking a little more, “order rain” by KMET was choosen as another song.

This is what she writes on her website about the movie. “A family of secular Israeli Jews fights an unwed couple’s unconventional decision not to circumcise their son – leave him a whole child, abnormal in the country they live in. A documented comedy about four generations, faith, conformism, values and guilt trips.”

Director: Noga Brienes
Editor: Omer Shadar
Photographers: Noga Brienes Omer Shadar
Producers: Noga Brienes Omer Shadar
Music: „Order rain“ taken from KMET “electric songs
SALVADOR taken from Lokai “transition
“Bellyfull” written by Alexander Chen