JUST IN TIME ( 2017)

Life at its optimum – the digital assistant in his smartphone controls the dense daily routine of a young man. His defining life motto is self-optimization through self-tracking. Around the clock, he is logging and measuring personal data. But even a perfect technology has its dangers and the flood of information can be confusing. “Just in Time” shows what can happen if you blindly trust a data-driven system with your life.

Just in time was produced 2017 by Michael Holzer, Oliver Schöndorfer and Stefan Grassberger as part of an annual experimentation weekend and shot on iPhone.

Oliver Schöndorfer

Light, Technical Support
Nino Pfaffenbichler


Story, Graphic Design
Oliver Schöndorfer

Visual Effects, Motion Graphics
Stefan Grassberger

Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Mix
Michael Holzer

Written and directed by
Michael Holzer
Oliver Schöndorfer
Stefan Grassberger

website Just in time


Taken from unsplash.com by Nick Arnot, Timothy Paul Smith, Eddy Lackmann, Ezra Jeffrey, Stas Svechnikov, Marvin Meyer, Aral Tasher


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International