many (2018)

 What is the body still in the flood of images in our digitized world? Do everyone have to go online to prove their existence? Such up-to-the-minute questions dance through the new piece by the Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner, who is recognized for his pointed work in public space as well as for his sophisticated play with the charms and pitfalls of the media world. Here he lets virtual and physical reality collide with each other and makes the dissolution phenomena of our self in the pixel deserts of digital images tangible as a sophisticated

live performance.
idea, choreografy: Willi Dorner
performers: Esther Steinkogler, Britt Kamper
video: Adnan Popović
production: Stefanie Reichl, Roma Hurey.

Preview showing: impuls Tanz: July 31st and august 2nd 2018,

Premier: november 17th + 17th 2018 at Tanzquartier