Superlooper – construct me (2008)


Superlooper was found around 2000. The band evolved out of different improvising circles with the likes Jorge Sanches-Chiong, Gerhard Hermann, Christian Weber and others. We set out to do concerts with different concepts. Wireless head-phone concerts, or for the Garage Festival in Strahlsund we explored the theses of “lost and found”. We flew to Japan and played at the EXPO, on the wooden sledge hill in front of hundreds of more or less disturbed Japanese music lovers who expected to be confronted with something more “classical”.

Our long collaboration had a summit with the release of our double CD “construct me”, which was presented in cooperation with Wien Modern Festival at the MAK in 2008.

Live video cd presentation MAK
Garage Festival Strahlsund w. superlooper
Superlooper at EXPO 2005

If you are interested in buying a Superlooper double CD, just write me a note via the contact site.