live at Corona stage



I was invited to be part of derStandard Corona stage in lockdown. So I sat down to figure out how to produce a good sounding live video in my little home studio, with two mobile phone cameras – one hanging from my microphone with two rubber bands – and – once like madonna – a new outfit for every song:-)
I made it a mix out of existing tunes related to lockdown in some way and new tunes. like “Zerrlegungsbeauty(track 2) and Maultrommelblues(track 6), which are new pieces.

It was quite a journey and many many takes of each tune until it felt ok to send the audio mix and the two videos to the standard video crew who put it all together.


TIGER (2018)

33 cameras for TIGER

The journey to making this video was intense and incredible.

The idea

86/60 had the splendid idea to produce a life Video for this song. So we started to look for a location. Then the idea of playing a small living room concert morphed into: every single guest will be a camerawoman and cameraman.

The setup

The whole idea was planned out, we started asking film and music aficionados to join in. The a whole classroom was rearranged, the chalkboard was designed by Oliver Schöndorfer, professional lighting installed and placed by Nino Pfaffenbichler, and the whole setting set up by Michael Holzer.

The Team

Then the 30 people of the team where given a few hints of how to start filming and how to end. Everything else was up to them.

I played three takes of tiger that where filmed. Masses of Data was transferred to local computers and afterwards the buffet was transferred into the stomaches of the film crew.

Playing this song live for this wonderful camera team of 33 music and film aficionados was superb. MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, best team ever!

Please enjoy this Video, forward it to a friends and come out to see me play live in a town nearby.


Musik & lyrics: KMET

Camera: Hannes Anderle, Jasmin Andert, Johannes Baumann, Wolfgang Breyscha, Albin Brückner, Verena Brückner, Gernot Deutschmann, Thomas Emminger, Ulrike Emminger, Hannes Heller, Simone Hoffmann, Michael Holzer, Nils Jürgens, Moritz Kobrna, Rainer Kuel, Franziska Liehl, Nicole Lutmannsberger, Andrea Lüth, Veronika Mucha, Thomas Neumayer, Gabriele Oepen, Peter Panik, Nino Pfaffenbichler, Anna Pordes, Sheila Poor, Babl Rakete, Johannes Rath, Herbert Reitschuler, Oliver Schöndorfer, Yasmin Schöndorfer, Gerhard Veismann, Gerald Zahn, Lily Zrost

Sound Engeneering & Mix: Florian Bogner
Nino Pfaffenbichler
: EOC Equipment Cafe, Petra Mayer
Organisation & Set up
: Oliver Schöndorfer
Technical support
: Moritz Kobrna
Schülerinnen Schule / WUK
Directed & edited: Michael Holzer
Production: 86/60 



SILENCE (2018)

Silence is the first single of my upcoming album Smiling Eye(release date: march 2nd 2018 with a live how at Radiokulturhaus). Somehow it has always been here and important for the growth of the album. Its simplicity, the topic of silence itself, the very reduced ingredients.

My friends from 86/60 loved it also, and it stayed in heir heads so much, they wanted to do a video to it. I was totally in for it ofcourse !

So the ideas developed, a plan was made, the search for a room began, and also the search for a transparent fabric that fit our needs. The little revolving stage and lots of light, camera equipment, a special produced background, and a shooting plan.

The day of the shooting was a warm summery, and after a day of setting up the room we began with the most difficult shot – do film the falling of the “curtain”. After that, everything else seemed easy.

You can get the track on koncords band camp site

….The splendid team of gifted artists is:
Nino Pfaffenbichler (camera)
Michael Holzer (director und editor)
8660 (produktion, grafics & images)
The song itself was mastered and mixed by Oliver Brunbauer at Feedback Studio 2

Titi LaFlora did a supervise support job in feeding us like the kings and Kristina Bangert supported me in guiding me through my acting.


Driver (2012)

The fabulous server of Dieb13, which also hosts my site, celebrates its birthday with an evening of concerts of muisicians and band from the server. Meanwhile this has developed into a little festival with lots of audience, many concerts and is a musical highlight every year in Vienna.

So this little excerpt was filmed, when became 12 years old. Filmed by Susanne Luschin, who also did a an Okto TV docu about

Live performance: KMET
Camera: Susanne Luschin



Leave (2011)

I wanted to do a music video by my own, when the album release of „shoot me“ came closer. I had been photographing in series for quite a while, specialicing in intersections of cities I was playing in on tour.
„leave“ is a mix of these and other serial photographies I did over the years in cities like Mexico, Tokyo, Vienna and others. No editing on the photos was done.

Idea, photos, editing: KMET
Song taken from KMET „shoot me“, released on Konkord (Kat.Nr.055)

This Time

This time (2011)

This is a live version of “this time”, performed at he cd presentation of “KMET shoot me” at the rhiz. I mixed the live videos with some movies and fotos from the rhiz-surroundings, and from a visit at the beautiful train museum in strasshof.

Cameras: Philipp Kerber & Hannes Anderle
Live sound engenieer & recording: John Norman
Video and foto editing, live performance: KMET




„volver“ (2011) by lokai

Special radio broadcast „riding the turtle“

lokai was invited by “Kunstradio” to do a special 45 Minute long programm.

The piece should be played live in front of an audience, and also be broadcasted live through the web as part of the EBU series. We developed a very special Version of our program „transition“(Thrill Jockey records), which deals and incorperates writings by Charles Darwin. In one of them he describes the joy of riding a huge turtle on a beach. This picture really inspired us, and we imagined the most wild rides….and so the title for this was clear. Performance specialist and speaker Anat Stainberg was a great joy to work with and a wonderful performer.

Voice, performance: Anat Stainberg
Synths: Stefan Németh
Guitars: KMET
Video: Klaus Taschler

My red Puch

my red puch (2007)

This is a video by Verena Brückner. It was shot totally analog like. We had three little cameras filming each on a little stand simultaneously above of each other. I played this live in my Studio. Behind me you see as a „video background“ our unused rest of our kitchen floor.

This was filmed in 2007, but the render or upload quality was bad, and so I reloaded it in 2011.

Idea, cameras, cut: Verena Brückner
Live studioperformance: KMET

Order Rain

Order Rain (2007)

Gerald Zahn and me had talked about doing a music video for a while. We choose “order rain”, and Gerald drew out a fine story board. Thanks to SKE fond for supporting the making of this video.

Music video by Gerald Zahn
w. Verena Brückner & KMET

Staring at you

staring at you (2007)

Live at MAK nite Vienna.

I did the Cd release at the famous MAK Museum of modern Art in the heart of Vienna. Quiet heavy accoustics in this huge place, but it worked out finde in the end. Okto TV and Birgit Denk came by, did a little interview about the relase and filmed part of the show.

Camera: Okto TV
Idea: Birigt Denk
Live performance: KMET