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Frau im Mond / Florian Horath Ensemble Gut Oggau/Opera of Entropy/Wortstadtnächte
The life music to the silent movie(2h 50 min.!) „Woman in the moon“ in Uhersce Radice was really a highlight for me. If you are around next year I recommend you visit this great festival in July 2017! Very nice people, great cinemas and films.
Gut Oggau with florian horwath was also very special. They make this great demeter organic wine, that is sold only in selected places around the world. The reinvited the enselbe for the next years “10 years of Gut Oggau” celebration – so please stay tuned for that. The fall keeps me busy as well with more exiting projects. The „opera of entropy“ had it´s premiere on Tuesday August 30th. Please check ou the live section for more infos about that. Also the „Wiener Wortstätten“ a very special writers room, asked me to join them for their festival at the end of september. It´s called „Wortstattnächte“. Those will be five „one time events“. One is called „Dramas for sleeping“ where you meet at midnight, and every visitor gehts a bed and a personal reader, who wispers some of the greatest dramaturgic writings in your ear until you fall asleep, all acompanied by acoustik KMET Music:-)  You can find more infos to these events in the live or project section of my website.